FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS - There may be shipping delays between February 12 - February 28.

FAQ - shipping and returns

The truth about our shop: this is just a small (like a puppy size) mom & pop operation.

But on the other hand, we rely on a giant Shopify with all these storefronts and payment processors and so on.

As such a small operation, we ship our products with dropshipping straight from the manufacturer.

That means that we can't compete with shipping times, so we have to be competitive with our prices.

And while we are dedicated to doing our part to getting your order to you, these shipments do tend to take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive at your address, so prepare your heart for the waiting game.

Also there’s typically no tracking on these orders, because life is just like that... it’s about the journey, not the destination :)

Anyway, we do ship worldwide.

And we accept a lot of different payment methods.  

Do you accept returns and/or exchanges?

At the moment, we are not accepting returns unless you receive a damaged product. Mistakes can happen, so feel free to get in touch!

In the future, as we grow our product offerings, we'll revisit this one.